The one about the fraud…

Dear User Testers, Crowd-Funders, Supporters, Friends and Family It’s been a while since we last updated you, and we’re sorry about that. We have been desperate for good news before telling you of the obstacles we have overcome.  Firstly, it went bad, very bad.  It turned out that the overseas app developers we hired, ‘Salentro’ were […]

New Target News!

After 21 days of campaigning, the Rise & Shine Crowdfunder was coming to a close. At nearly 30% funded, we were very pleased to have raised enough to get the app underway. There was, however, a mild taste of disappointment lingering, as we were still short of the target. The original target was set, as […]

The Power of Three

The Rule of Three, Power of Three, or Magic of Three suggests that things that come in threes are more satisfying, more effective, and more memorable, than other numbers of things. Three is the magic number, and apparently, we all react better to triangles, triples, trios and anything with a beginning, middle or end. It’s […]


‘High-five’ to all the people who have supported so far….!   With only 5 days of Crowdfunding left, it’s time to really focus on the what the app is about. Here are the 5 main areas R&S targets and how it works: 1 • Release stress, anxiety & depression By guiding your first morning thoughts […]

Time to Stop?!

With Stoptober and Sober October nearly at an end, we’re celebrating the many smokers and drinkers who will have quit – and sparing a few thoughts for those who didn’t manage it, this time. Quitting a habit can sometimes take several attempts, and one thing we know at Rise & Shine is that when you […]

“That’s how winning is done!” – Pleased as Punch

The mindset of a true fighter is like no other. The vision of winning is set, as though the outcome is inevitable, it’s a matter of fact. Without a shred of doubt, no obstacle can get in the way, and through complete and utter dedication, self belief and discipline, the boxer believes there is only […]

Work Happy! (Focus on… Corporate Sponsorship)

You’re the head of a company. How do you make sure your team know they are valued? Good pay, good working conditions, of course – without those, you’d have no team – but how do you keep your good team happy, and why should you? You might even imagine an ‘evil boss’ who seems not to […]


Lift off! The Crowdfunder is live! “5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Rise & Shine, ready to open your eyes” – incredibly powerful words, heard at the end of each guided meditation – the ‘waking soundtrack’ which plays through the app to wake you up, as an alternative to traditional ‘alarm clock’ sounds. A process that’s […]


There’s only ONE reason this app is being created. It’s so you can #WakeUpFeelingGreat There’s ONE app that is set out to do this – Rise & Shine. Positive Mental Health from before you open your eyes. There’s ONE thing we need you to do. Support us, by following the link when we go live […]

2: “I am”…going to Wake Up Feeling Great!

Two. How can such a small number be SO big!? Well, check out the thousands of videos, millions of comments and billions of views on YouTube for this incredible piece of powerful positivity. Just search YouTube for “Two Powerful Words” (or click the link, to go direct to the search results). Pick any video and […]