Discovering Dysania

It was our own struggles with mental health issues like depression that delivered the inspiration for Rise & Shine.

It’s always been our intention to help others who struggle to #WakeUpFeelingGreat.

We learn something new every day (and often many things) on our journey towards our goal – and today was no exception, when we learned of an unusual word: Dysania.

Lessons can sometimes come from the strangest sources, and none was more surprising than when co-founder Liz was unwrapping a new ‘Emma’ brand mattress and read the welcome leaflet.

The ‘sleep fact’ is treated lightheartedly by the mattress brand, but Dysania is no laughing matter.

In a 2018 paper published in the European Heart Journal, researchers found a link between sleeping more than the recommended amount and a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, and death. Specifically, those who slept more than 10 hours a day had a 41% greater risk.

Although Doctors don’t recognise Dysania as a medical condition, if you experience it, you know it can be a serious problem.

As our app has been designed to help people find a more pleasant and appealing way to wake up, we’re interested to know if people experiencing Dysania might find our app useful. At the moment, we’re reaching out to people on social channels to gather feedback from people who are talking about it – whether they think Rise & Shine could help.

If you or someone you know is experiencing Dysania, we’d love to hear from you via our facebook, twitter or instagram accounts.

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In Summary: An alarm clock designed to help you to have a fantastic day – to wake up feeling great. Crowdfunded, and in development.

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