This Too Shall Pass

Depression. It can reduce you to nothing. There’s a saying ‘It’s ok to not be ok’ – designed to help us accept that we all have struggles. However, you don’t need to stay there, in ‘not-OK land’. You are too important to dwell alone in such a dark place and you do not belong there. 

Depression can leave you broken, and is often not easy to fix. Depression can be a battle against the strongest demon version of yourself attacking the weakest version of you. You may instinctively feel the will to self-heal but may have no idea about where to start or even be able to find any energy to make the effort to begin. But you may be surprised to realise that you have already started the healing process by reading this right now.

Until now, you have probably been asking yourself, ‘how can I pick myself up?’, ‘how can I do what’s best, to make the changes I need to make to get on the path to self-recovery?’, ‘how do I beat this demon?’ Well, what if I suggested that if you have the will to read this post, then you have every chance of beating it! In fact, I strongly believe you will. Will you please believe it, too?

Rise & Shine is a positive mental health alarm clock app which delivers a therapeutic thought process that begins even before you’ve opened your eyes! Each track takes a different approach that becomes relevant to your needs and desires, disrupting negative thoughts and allowing more positive thought patterns to be developed and enjoyed. The beauty of Rise & Shine is that everyone can have a bright start to their day.

All you need to do is choose your track and set your alarm; a simple, routine process has now easily become your pathway to recovery. 

And how does it work? In our subconscious mind we have what we call a metaphorical ‘Stress Bucket’. Every negative thought we ever have is converted into ‘stress’, ‘anxiety’ and ‘depression’, and when our stress bucket is on overflow, we get stuck in a negative cycle. Rise and Shine ‘pokes holes’ in the stress bucket releasing the negative overflow, persisting daily in breaking that cycle. When the positive cycle begins, there is no demand, no rush. You have time…

Just set your alarm and listen as the over rehearsed, replayed, negative thoughts you have become accustomed to, begin to dwindle. Day by day, positive thought seeds are planted in the garden of your subconscious, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That adds up to a lot of positive seeds of change, and you will soon find fresh developments in your outlook and in the way you respond to life situations and others around you.

As you start to take control, you will recognise your ability to take on new opportunities. The glass changes from half empty to what glass?! You will begin to enjoy the positive aspects of living again, regaining control and perspective over negative thoughts. They will soon become insignificant, as they begin to lose your focus and you allow more positive thought patterns to develop and be enjoyed.

By allowing yourself a small amount of time before you rise in the morning, you will find you can move out of the tunnel that is the dark place you have been living in. Deep down, you know you don’t belong in it and I want to reassure you that I know you can find the pathway through. With the daily use of the Rise & Shine app you will very quickly see that you do have control as to how long that dark tunnel might be!

Set your alarm, set your mind.

It is time to Rise & Shine.

Matthew Searle Dhp

Matthew Searle

Matthew Searle

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In Summary: An alarm clock designed to help you to have a fantastic day – to wake up feeling great. Crowdfunded, and in development.

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