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After 21 days of campaigning, the Rise & Shine Crowdfunder was coming to a close.

At nearly 30% funded, we were very pleased to have raised enough to get the app underway. There was, however, a mild taste of disappointment lingering, as we were still short of the target.

The original target was set, as all targets should be – at a figure which represented our ideal financial scenario. Included in the budget was – as well as app development on two platforms – the production of additional original wake up tracks, a healthy slice of investment in marketing – hoping to get the app to the widest possible audience – and lastly, cost to protect the concept from copycats.

Feedback on the campaign had been overwhelmingly positive – but the income was less so. Despite our best efforts at campaigning, it’s not easy getting visibility on a project without already having budget to spend on adverts. As the closing hours drew nearer, we debated the next steps. Could we find a way to finance things differently? Of course we could! We started considering the future of the project, how we could do things differently, adjust our course. We decided we could reduce the number of tracks we go live with – we could edit our wishlist, cut any non-essential items, to bring the target down to a more achievable figure. Believe us – we intend to make this app to an incredibly high standard – and we will not stop until it is as close to our vision as possible – but there’s more than one way to get there.

The budget was getting a serious chopping – we were even considering only developing on one platform, but how do you choose between Apple and Android? Our user testers prove that both are needed! Then with one final ‘abracadabra’ we pulled a rabbit out of the hat and come up with a new deal with app sponsor Lingo Design – (the company behind the graphic design of the app and the brand) to donate the next 12 months of design and marketing, which, combined with the trimming in other areas brings the budget (and the target) down to £3200, of which we were already over 70% funded! We reached out to Crowdfunder with the good news, they adjusted the target and we got an extension on the campaign!

So, with 8 days left to go, the project is now 74% funded, and only needs £840 to reach our new reduced goal! At which point we will be able to get the app live on both platforms and start helping everyone to #WakeUpFeelingGreat

We’d like to thank everyone again for their support, in particular the team at Lingo Design – and to share a renewed excitement to reach the new target! Do you know someone who could benefit from £25 credit in the app when it goes live?

Why not recommend that they pledge and help support the project!? Together, we can do this!



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In Summary: An alarm clock designed to help you to have a fantastic day – to wake up feeling great. Crowdfunded, and in development.

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