Five ’til Alive!

We love a bit of a countdown – a tool often associated with hypnotherapy… and as there’s 5 days to go until our crowdfunder is live, here’s 5 countdown 5’s, to help the time along!

Countdown anxiety with this mindfulness trick…designed to ground you through use of your senses

Looking for a motivation hack? Look no further. Mel Robbins and her famous ‘5 second rule’ has been watched nearly 10 million times. If you’ve not see it yet, why not take 5, (okay, 22.11 to be precise) and enjoy
For further reading, there’s a ‘5 elements to the 5 second rule’ blog post here with more details as to why and how this works

5 Life lessons people often learn too late?

5 minute countdown of ‘People are awesome’ clips:

5 minutes of awesome 80’s music, crazy hair dos and tight leather trousers?! Why not… it’ll surely make the time go quicker and put a smile on your face! –


Rise & Shine



Leave a Replay


In Summary: An alarm clock designed to help you to have a fantastic day – to wake up feeling great. Crowdfunded, and in development.

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