But I don’t believe in hypnotherapy.

Having been a Hypnotherapist since 2011, I have always had so much job satisfaction helping people with so many huge life changing things. (and I love working with sceptics) From phobias to goal setting, depression to weight loss; and, to simply use smoking cessation as an example, to be responsible for someone stopping smoking is just mind blowing! Can you imagine how that might feel? Saving lives! To date, I have seen just over 1000 people for smoking cessation alone and from feedback, the majority have stopped! 95+ % success rate! No exaggerating! That’s huge! I’m out here saving lives!!! (I say that with a joking rather than arrogant tone) but I am so proud of that. ‘Hypnotherapy works…and it feels good!

Transformations happen daily. I had a client referred to me with anxiety. He was in a worrying state of mind, with a 2 on the happiness scale, and to see him come in the very next session with an 8 on the happiness scale, his own scepticism obliterated! His whole posture and demeanour had changed… he was talkative, passionate, alive and buzzing with a brand new optimism for life! Recently, I passed an ex-client who had suffered a lifetime of weight problems. She stopped me to tell me she had lost 14lb and was sleeping like never before! Can you imagine how that feels? To repeatedly witness these changes is so rewarding, it fills me with pride and confirms that we should all believe in the process. If I didn’t have this belief through years of experience Rise & Shine would of failed at the first obstacle. I can remember way back, when I saved up to study, the course wasn’t cheap. I studied very hard for years, all the while with an underlying thought of ‘this had better work!!’ Therapy isn’t cheap, to rent a room etc… Hypnotherapy has absolutely superseded my own expectations, I can tell you wholeheartedly that hypnotherapy, absolutely works! 

This blog was inspired as I sat in a waiting room. I was asked in conversation what I did for work and I had the same response as I often get.. “Oh, I don’t believe in all that!” (as they were called from the waiting room I began to type)  A response that, once upon a time, I might have given myself, and that’s understandable. Before studying I might of made wrong assumptions. Did you know? 90% of the 10,000 daily decisions we make are made subconsciously. I was for some time not wholeheartedly sold on the idea of hypnosis myself, I didn’t have the facts. It’s a response given by so many, which shows an underlying doubt about something that people simply don’t know enough about. Fortunately, it had intrigued me enough to investigate further. I guess our most comparative connection would be stage hypnosis; seeing people act the clown (or chicken) on stage. Sure, it has its time and place but clinical hypnotherapy bears minimal resemblance to it. Simply put – When we are under hypnosis (ie, when the conscious mind rests) the subconscious mind pays attention. The job of our subconscious mind is to turn our every intention into reality and this is what it is always working to do, on your behalf. If you are in agreement with my suggestions they will become your intentions, and my suggestions will only ever be for your benefit, so of course you will be in agreement with them. No negatives, no chickens, just a fantastic mind set. Metaphors that are embedded deeply into your subconscious. The job of your subconscious is to turn your every intention into reality. But all we experience are the tv shows, and we automatically think ‘nahhh, a load of rubbish’.

Hypnotherapy really is quite simply the language of the subconscious mind. How the subconscious mind works. Not fiction, not maybe, just how. When we set a goal as though the outcome is inevitable (matter of fact) we activate the Anterior Cingulate Cortex (the Secretary of the brain). The conscious mind is the Boss and the Secretary understands clearly the job at hand. When the Secretary and the Boss are in agreement / alignment, fantastic things start to happen. 

In fact, it was through my own self-hypnosis that Rise & Shine was conceived and I woke with a Lightbulb Moment of Inspiration! Rise & Shine is itself evidence that hypnosis works! My self-hypnosis had relaxed my conscious mind, opening a gateway to the subconscious mind, enabling direct communication between the Secretary and the Boss – Rise & Shine was created, it was what I was in need of, the mind searched, found and delivered. 

I already knew that when we first wake we operate in Alpha waves between 8 to 12 wave cycles per second, and that the mind is at its most adherent to suggestion as it drifts in REM (rapid eye movement), which is itself a hypnotic like state. The mind is also at its most susceptible during the first 20 minutes of the day, what better way to start a therapeutic process than before you have even opened your eyes?! While you are already in the most perfect state of mind? Known as – ‘Twilight Reverie’ At the time of my Lightbulb Moment of Inspiration, all my own ‘internal resources’ were activated -, motivation, dedication, determination, self-worth and confidence. The Secretary is at its most adherent with these internal resources backing it. I realised I could design Rise & Shine messages to trigger the activation of all these valuable core internal resources (and so many more) in the listener. 

We all know that hypnotherapy is available as sleep aids on apps self-help cds and YouTube, but no one had yet flipped it to be a wake-up app, to start your day in such a positive way, to wake up feeling great! no need for the induction process we are already in the perfect state of mind. Not only are many not taking advantage of this fact, so many are programming negatively starting their day in a bad frame of mind, subconsciously, maybe without even knowing that they are doing so. ‘Waking up no longer need be alarming’ 

Rise & Shine taps into all the resources we need and revisits them with different angles of approach, spread over an array of tracks and topics, to ensure that they are established at the very deepest level. Your mind can and will only search for opportunities and it must recognise them, because they are already deeply embedded in the subconscious (and not because I say so, but because it is simply the way the subconscious mind works). If it is already so, it is already so. The subconscious mind provides sufficient inner guidance to overcome obstacles and never drops off until the job is done, because it is so. In this way, Rise & Shine aligns our own positive intentions with our subconscious mind. 

This project is taking longer than I ever dreamt. I was naive to the world of app programming, we have learned so much, we are overcoming obstacle after obstacle, many developers unable to master the code due to an app working alongside the native inbuilt clock, a problem that has increased costs tenfold. We have had money stolen and refunded but we always move forward. 

‘Life presents obstacles’ hypnosis won’t prevent them, but it will move you round them. A perfect metaphor for life, we fall, we Rise, we Shine. 

Why am I convinced that Rise & Shine will become a reality? because it is a matter of fact! Because my self-hypnosis enabled the alignment! Because hypnotherapy works! Because my mind is set! Because I can do what I set my mind to! 

The outcome is inevitable!

‘Rise & Shine is on the horizon!’ 

Matthew Searle Dhp

Matthew Searle

Matthew Searle

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In Summary: An alarm clock designed to help you to have a fantastic day – to wake up feeling great. Crowdfunded, and in development.

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