A Lucid Dream

Have you ever had a dream you were awake only to wake up and find yourself asleep?…. 

A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment. This guided with Rise & Shines narrative and production compliments the listener’s intentions with our guided meditation and suggestions.

Dreams are indeed one of the most complex processes that happen in our mind and provide the most intriguing messages from the deep roots of our brains

The art of lucid dreaming takes practise, With Rise & Shine guiding you with beautiful metaphors, you are one step ahead drifting into relaxing words and harmonies along with a specific positive language that embeds deeply into the subconscious, easily implanted yet rarely removed.

In the perfect state of REM your conscious mind rests as your subconscious mind works. The ability to remain ‘Self-aware’ in a dream state brings fantastic changes and benefits to complement the dreamer’s intentions and choices. The job of our subconscious mind is to turn our every intention into reality. If the dreamer is in agreement with the suggestions, they become the dreamer’s intentions, the dreamer will almost always be in agreement as the suggestions are always for their benefit.

During a lucid dream we are able to analyse deeper levels of our subconscious, unlocking unreached areas of creativity while enhancing our own internal resources – Confidence, self-esteem, motivation, positivity, determination and more. As long as the language and direction of the dream is positively guided towards the correct intentions. Rise & Shine of course only programs for fantastic experiences and positive changes.

You may not remember a word that was said, simply enjoy the subconscious changes that you will make. Wake with moments of clarity and light bulb moments of inspiration! Take notes, act upon them! The more that you practise this, the clearer your memories become, you will also learn to have more control over your lucid dreams.
Ask ‘what you want’ as you drift and dream to a tranquil state of euphoric bliss.

Matthew Searle Dhp

Matthew Searle

Matthew Searle

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