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Rise & Shine LITE App - A GUIDE.

The following information is provided to help you get the most out of the LITE app, available for Android devices on Google Play.  If you’re having ANY trouble beyond the advice below, please contact us.

Each track varies in length, from around 5 to 20 minutes. The track will start playing before your wake up time, and will finish on time for you to be wide awake.

So, if you set the app to wake you at 07:00, and you choose a 10 minute track, the app will start playing at 06:50, and end at 07:00.

Sometimes our natural body clock wakes us up before our alarm clock. That’s fine, you can listen to the track while awake, it will still have a positive effect, even if you are awake. 

In order to let the track start while you are asleep, and have the maximum effect, if you regularly wake up before the track starts, you might like to try setting your time a little earlier.

Maybe instead of waiting for your clock to tell you when to get up, you could choose to adjust your settings, and wake up slightly earlier, but feeling even better! You could use the extra time for journaling, yoga, meditation, or simply letting the track sink into your consciousness a little deeper.

You can choose to set a whole week of tracks in advance, and the app will play the same track every day.

Leaving days selected will mean the app keeps rolling from week to week.

However, we know that it’s likely that you’ll want to change the track, so we advise that you choose your time, day and track each day.

There are currently 25 free tracks in the LITE android version. We plan to have many more in the full version. 

All audio tracks feature a narrator speaking gently over gradually uplifting music which has been custom-written for the Rise & Shine app. Gentle sound effects like bird-songs or soft waves lapping a beach are included, to enhance the experience.

Some audio tracks contain stories, whereas some are instructions, some are affirmations to help you access the positivity within you – but all are carefully created to allow you to wake up feeling great.

Each track description explains the track style and provides a written excerpt from the audio to help you choose the right track for you. 

There are 5 categories of tracks:


Each track has a few ‘tag’ words such as ‘goal setting’ or ‘positivity’ making it clearer what the track is about.

In future versions of the app we plan to add the function to ‘filter by track’ and sort by category, to list your favourites and store a history of the tracks you have played, but in the LITE version, you can simply scroll through all 25 tracks.

We recommend using each track a few times, and choosing a new track when you feel like it, to sample all the audio and find your favourite. 

Rise & Shine works on MEDIA volume, not RINGTONE volume – we recommend having your MEDIA volume up to between 50 – 100%.

All tracks start very quietly and gently, and are designed in such a way that they encourage a slow transition from sleeping to wakefulness. In this way, your brain will be treated gently. It’s deep wave pattern will adjust, gradually rather than experiencing a sudden and unpleasant jolt from deep sleep to awake – which is what happens with traditional alarm clocks.

The tracks are designed to mimic how you would wake in nature – with a beautiful dawn chorus of birds gradually increasing in volume and the feeling of the sun gently rising.

As the volume gradually increases and the narrator begins to deliver your story, affirmations or focus instructions, your brain will slowly adjust and allow this carefully constructed content into your unconscious mind. You may start to wake, only to drift back to sleep – and wake again a few moments later – this is part of the wonderful experience of the app and can be enjoyed fully.

It may take a few times to get used to this happening. Be patient, and stick with the alarm for more than a few days to allow your unconscious mind to adapt.  


After the script has been delivered, of course, it’s time to Rise & Shine, and we hope you’re ready to start your day in a new and positive way.

However, sometimes, we know that sleep may overcome you again, and you may settle back into a lovely slumber, so it’s good to know that 1 minute after each track ends, ten crystal clear chimes will play, at the maximum volume, to make sure you wake up.

These chimes have been added as a ‘back-up’ to help ensure you are fully awake when you want to be. If you’re a heavy sleeper, and regularly struggle with falling back asleep after your alarm plays, we recommend that you set your traditional phone alarm to go off a few minutes after your chosen wake up time, once Rise & Shine has played.

If you’re fully awake at the end of your track, and don’t need the chimes, you can press the ‘stop’ button and the track will stop before the chimes. However, you could simply use the extra minute between the track ending and the chimes sounding as a time to let the track sink in.

If the alarm does not play, here are some steps for troubleshooting

  1. Check that your MEDIA VOLUME is up. Rise & Shine works on MEDIA, not RINGTONE volume
  2. Uninstall and reinstall the app. Sometimes, there might be a glitch while downloading. 
  3. Ensure all tracks are downloaded before selecting an alarm. If you choose to test the alarm before all tracks are downloaded (which happens in the background) the alarm won’t work.
  4. Make sure you are connected to WiFi when setting the alarm.
  5. If all else fails, please contact support

You are in your conscious mind when you are in the present moment, when you are aware, aware of the choices you make. The conscious mind is the boss of the brain, you are in your conscious mind just 10% of the time. Every thought you have at a conscious level is submitted to the subconscious, the subconscious mind is always working to turn your every conscious intention into reality. When you are in agreement with Rise & Shine suggestions they become your conscious intention, bounced back to your pre left frontal cortex. You will be in agreement as the suggestions are always for your benefit.

We are in our subconscious mind 90% of the time, a huge resource of information and mind activity. Envisage an iceberg, the tip is our conscious mind, the vast area beneath is the subconscious mind. The job of our subconscious mind is to turn our every intention into reality and it is constantly working on our behalf.

This is your adult intellectual area of your brain, it always comes up with answers based on a proper assessment of the situation and is generally very positive. When we are in this area of the brain we always get things right in life. This is the area of the brain that Rise & Shine aims to wake you up in, plant seeds in, and keep you in.

Consider this the Secretary of your brain. The secretary takes the job at hand and turns it into reality. The secretary will only come on board when the instruction is clear and concise, as though the outcome is inevitable. Rise & Shine is written in a language that ensures all of the key elements are included, the secretary is activated. The secretary comes on board when it is backed up by your own internal resources – Confidence, Motivation, Determination, Self-esteem etc.. Rise & Shine tracks insert these elements, reiterates them re cap’s and re visit them to insure the instructions are delivered with all of the ingredients for success. Now fantastic things start to happen. Envisage blue prints, blue prints turn into sky scrapers as your intention becomes a reality.

The fight or flight area of the brain. In a life threatening situation the Amygdala will drive you to fight or run. Rise & Shine keeps you out of this area of your brain. This area of the brain is very beneficial for one thing, your own self preservation, it is very beneficial when you are in a life threatening situation. In life threatening situations you do not have time to make a proper assessment of the situation in a positive manner, you lose intellectual control and you react negatively to save your life. It is not beneficial however to be in this area of the brain in daily life, and most certainly not useful to wake up this way 

When you are in the Amygdala for anything other than a life threatening situation the responses and actions are distorted. The hormones released are stressful and not suitable to serve you. To save your life the Amygdala must instantly respond with a ‘worst case scenario’ outlook, it must be negative, it must be on red alert at all times. It would make you tense ready to react, panic and stress, creating depression and anxiety, keep checking for the danger – obsessive compulsive disorders,  all of these symptoms are beneficial if you came face to face with a polar bear, you would be correct to be on red alert, to keep checking for danger, to respond to a worst case scenario, if you invited the polar bear into the warmth you would likely be dead in an instant. if you considered it might of alread ate, it would eat you as quick as you pondered on it. The negative responses are not beneficial when you are up against life’s daily struggles, bills, break ups, a stubbed toe! We must remain in adult intellectual control, we must remain in our pre left frontal cortex. Rise & Shine prevents the user waking up in the Amygdala kick starting a fantastic day in the right frame of mind, making sure you don’t get out of the wrong side of the bed, ready to take on the day in such a positive way.

REM –  Rapid Eye Movement sleep, is one of the five stages of sleep that most people experience nightly. It is characterised by quick, random movements of the eyes and paralysis of the muscles. While the conscious mind rests, the subconscious mind works. Rise & Shine gradually wakes you from this state of mind, the subconscious absorbing the instructions and suggestions like a sponge, intentions turn into reality as fantastic positive changes begin.

In more detail


To understand a little further lets look at a few areas of the mind. Understanding results in confidence, confidence is the key to success! 

I believe it is also important to understand that this is no airy fairy mind trick, this is simply the language of the brain. Positive programming is applied using the language of the brain when you are at your most susceptible. 

Our conscious mind is our boss, what it says goes, our conscious thoughts are submitted to our subconscious mind, the job of our subconscious is to turn our every intention into reality. 

Our subconscious mind doesn’t understand the difference between positive or negative, imagination or reality. It will work equally hard to turn all thoughts into action. So only positive thoughts are of any benefit to us, negative thoughts are harmful, and detrimental to our state of mind. 

While in a dream-like state of REM positive suggestions will compliment your intentions embedding deeply into your pre left frontal cortex. If you are in agreement with the suggestions then they become your intentions, now your subconscious works on your behalf to turn your every intention into reality. You become susceptible to opportunities, find positives in everything, notice the green traffic lights and the glass is always half full, your subconscious provides you with inspiration and ideas, finds solutions to problems. Not because I say so, but simply the power of your subconscious mind. 

It doesn’t matter if you hear everything or don’t remember a word that was said… the subconscious hears it all. Imagination is a fantastic tool for positive transformation and while you drift and dream to a tranquil state of euphoric bliss, positive seeds are planted deeply into the garden of your subconscious.

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