A Bedtime Story

A little about the inspiration behind Rise & Shine.

Life presents obstacles.

I work with clients on a daily basis to help them overcome theirs.

As a natural empath, qualified hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, advanced personal trainer & life coach, I enjoy a very successful career helping and guiding people’s perspectives. But that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with life’s obstacles too.

A few years back, I’ve found myself in a dark place. Heartache had stripped me of my usual ‘get up and go’. I had no energy to ask for help and certainly no drive to go out and get it. My marriage had ended in divorce, and my ex-wife moved to Canada, taking our daughter to live with her. We were and still are very close.

My daughter is my world, and suddenly, my world as I knew it fell apart. Despite all of my strength, each morning I would wake in a pit of depression, my twisted mind hectic with negatives, and I found it almost impossible to get out of bed. I would twist in my sheets for hours before being able to drag myself up. Between the constant mind chatter of negatives, I would try tell myself to just “get up”! But it was useless. I had no one to get me out of bed, to give me a nudge or even a positive word. My subconscious was contaminated and my conscious will to heal was not powerful enough.

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With all my studies and practices I knew the negative thoughts were not only detrimental for the present moment, but that they were well and truly programming my susceptible mind to have a terrible day, days, weeks and foreseeable future. I was spiralling down, unable to find a single positive thought.

I dragged myself out of bed, my head jam-packed with negatives, it didn’t seem as though there was a single space to squeeze a positive thought into it, but I knew I must. I went to my office, put myself on my own hypnotherapy couch, and tried to silence my mind. I pressed play on a hypnotherapy track and, as I drifted towards trance it came to me. I realised; I needed positivity and support from the moment I woke up each day.

The seed was planted and through self-hypnotherapy it grew. My conscious mind relaxed my subconscious mind came to the forefront; it had work to do.

“3, 2, 1 and open your eyes!” I took a deep breath, light bulb moment of clarity! “Rise & Shine!” the whole business plan was created, from the name, the marketing plan, track categories… script ideas to the intro, all of the details delivered to me within 60 seconds from waking up. I sat up and put pen to paper…the first track was written…