To enhance your listening experience, below are some facts, points and tips. 

  • It really doesn’t matter if you don’t consciously remember a word that is said, simply enjoy the subconscious changes that you will make. Your subconscious mind hears it all! The changes will happen as naturally as your subconscious mind fills air into your lungs and pumps blood from your heart. 

  • Compliment your natural subconscious changes with your own conscious choices. Be aware of what you want. Conscious behaviours encourage the subconscious. When the two are in alignment, fantastic things start to happen. 

  • When the subconscious mind provides you with light bulb moments of inspiration, be sure to act upon them! Run with them! Grab a pen, grab the opportunity, go for it! 

  • ‘General Wellbeing’ tracks compliment all specific categories. It is advisable that you only use specific categories along side ALL generic ones. i.e. to give up smoking user should have smoking specific tracks + ALL generic ones.

  • Enjoy the highest quality of sound by connecting your device to a docking station/speaker enhance your experience with surround sound and volume. 

  • Variety is the spice of life, but repetition is the language of the brain. If you find one track particularly helpful, repeat it for a while.



Why Hypnotherapy Works:

The practice of hypnotherapy or guided meditation normally begins with an induction process, to enter in to a state of REM. With Rise & Shine, as you are already in an REM state, there’s no need for induction. 

The therapeutic process begins before you even open your eyes. 

At your chosen wake time, gentle sounds begin to play quietly, gently, advising “soon it will be time to wake, but while you drift you dream my voice drifts with you.” This sentence gives permission to enjoy the euphoric feeling between half sleep and half wake, where you’re so comfortable you could drift and dream for an eternity. 

The audio is carefully designed and produced to register at a mind state called ‘Beta’ the waking state. Here, our minds are slow and we can make decisions easily. You may never know what decisions you have even made, but as they are, any confusions settle and you gain clarity of mind. Now the percussion and vocals softly move you into the ‘Alpha’ mind state, where the brain starts to narrow its’ focus. This is a light state of trance (nothing scary about it, simply your conscious mind at rest) you are now 200 times more suggestible. Take a moment to take that in at a conscious level or simply allow your subconscious mind to absorb it deeply, 200 times more suggestible! 

With further relaxation techniques you are now in a state of lucid dreaming, complimenting your journey of positive change with beautiful metaphors – easily embedded and rarely forgotten. Rise & Shine will use the power of your own imagination as a fantastic tool for positive transformation before entering a third mind state called ‘theta’ – a state of profound creativity and exceptional insight. Finally into wakefulness the volume increases as the tempo rises feeling refreshed, feeling great and feeling alive… 3, 2, 1, “wide awake, Rise & Shine.”