Spiral Cloud

Let go of all worries as you drift and dream as you go deeper down.



My personal favourite. As gradually tailored music start to subtly wake your subconscious, waves ebb and flow, a small stream trickles slowly in the background and angelic harmonies release dopamine enhancing your ability to learn. You slowly go deeper down as all of your worries blissfully dissipate in a spiral cloud. What a beautiful thing, a tranquil dream. You are at your most susceptible to suggestions within the first 20 minutes of the day, while your brain operates in Alpha waves. Rise & Shine takes advantage of this as you travel from one state of awareness to another, and what a difference a day makes!


“And you somehow know, just by instinct, that you can let all your worries, all your cares, all your fears, just drift up towards this large white cloud, you can actually see them drifting away from you in a long slow spiral.”

* Remember, listening to the track as you wake up, will deliver the maximum effect. We recommend that you do not listen to tracks at any other time.


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