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Pool of Internal Resources

Enhance your confidence, positivity and motivation as you use your imagination as a fantastic tool for transformation.



Come on in, the water is lovely!

In this deeply transformational audio track, you’ll get to visit a very special place. In the calmness of your mind, your brain waves, just like water, will support you and allow you to reflect on your inner resources, where all will be well.

As you gently transition from asleep to awake, you calmly, unconsciously, take on a new, nourishing stream of information.

Enhance your confidence, positivity, and motivation by allowing your unconscious mind to become the most fantastic tool for transformation.

SAMPLE FROM THE AUDIO: “When you are ready, make a connection with your pool in some way: maybe dabbling your hands and feet in the water, maybe swimming in it, and become fully in touch with all of those resources within you.”

* Remember; listening to the track as you wake up will deliver the maximum effect. We recommend that you do not listen to tracks at any other time.


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