Make a Moving Picture

A visualisation technique, serving as an attracting force. Become the version of you that you most desire to be.



The words in this blissful wake-up track are designed to create a strong visual picture of a mirror in your mind, to serve as an attracting force for you to focus on. This positive visualisation technique will help you become the version of you that you most desire to be.

You will access new stress-releasing techniques, and by doing so, allow more room for positive thought patterns to be developed and enjoyed. Here comes that confidence you’ve been looking for – and you don’t need to do a thing – your waking mind just takes it all in, effortlessly.

SAMPLE FROM THE AUDIO: “You drift towards your conscious awareness now as you start to wake, while you create the attracting force from the stillness, and be amazed at the quality of the success that you attract!”

* Remember; listening to the track as you wake up will deliver the maximum effect. We recommend that you do not listen to tracks at any other time.


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