Imagination, the Language of the Brain

Blissfully programmed for pure happiness. Stretch, yawn, smile and have a fantastic day.



It was all a dream, blissfully programmed for pure happiness. Yesterday has gone, but today you are entitled to all of the positive opportunities that are available to the next person. If you are in agreement with the positive suggestions they become your intention, the job of your subconscious it to turn your every intention into reality. You are likely to only ever be in agreement as Rise & Shine messages will only ever be for your benefit. Positive direction creates a reaction as your conscious and subconscious mind come into positive agreement, fantastic things start to happen. Every positive thought we have releases serotonin the feel good hormone, and what a positive thought that is.

SAMPLE FROM THE AUDIO: “So utilise your imagination as a fantastic tool for positive transformation, and be amazed at the success that you attract.”

* Remember, listening to the track as you wake up, will deliver the maximum effect. We recommend that you do not listen to tracks at any other time.


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