A Return to Balance and Harmony

A welcome return to control, balance, and harmony, it feels right.. and it feels good. Rise & Outshine!



Get ready to welcome back your sense of control, your calm inner balance, and the peaceful harmony you’ve been seeking. It feels right, and it feels good.

You deserve to feel the best that you can, and you deserve to Rise & Shine! We all know that if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got. Well, did you also know that now is the time for you to change? For you to find a new way?

Selecting this track will be the first step on your path to an entirely new self serenity and tranquility. The next step is simply for you to fall asleep, safe in the knowledge that when next you wake, you will feel great.

SAMPLE FROM THE AUDIO: “Always remember, you have the control over mind, body and emotion, and it feels right, and it feels good.”  

* Remember; listening to the track as you wake up will deliver the maximum effect. We recommend that you do not listen to tracks at any other time.


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