Wake up feeling great... 

...with the new
‘Positive Alarm Clock’ app!

Welcome to Rise & Shine, the mobile phone app that WILL change your life!

While in a half-sleep, half-wake state, your conscious mind is at rest, your subconscious mind pays attention.

The job of the subconscious mind is to turn your every thought into reality. Guided with our suggestions, take advantage of this with a therapeutic process that begins before you even open your eyes.


At your chosen wake-up time, positive affirmations and guided meditations play to a soundtrack of gradually uplifting music.

Visualisation techniques and metaphors are embedded in the audio, along with instructions to gently wake you up feeling amazing, realising your full potential and even superseding your own expectations.

Become a better version of yourself every day simply by setting your alarm. Awake happy and motivated, experience light bulb moments of inspiration, clarity of mind, a heightened state of awareness, the jigsaw pieces come together as the law of attraction is provoked.

Truly fantastic things begin to happen as you drift and dream to a tranquil state of euphoric bliss. ~ “You are alive”…. it is time to Rise and Shine!”